HS TRADING Co. LTD. is a market analysis and sales consulting company focused exclusively on Dutch SME’s wanting to take their business to the next level including export to the United States and Canada.


We differentiate ourselves by not being a typical partner selection company.  Rather, we focus on the need and the importance of having the exporting company first understand the US market through a truly American perspective.

Whether it’s developing a dynamic market launch strategy or providing trade show support, our goal is to provide practical and results oriented solutions.

What differentiates us is that we focus exclusively on Dutch companies. We take a deliberate approach which is measured and prevents the inclination to just “jump in” to a new market.   


When it comes to partner selection due diligence, how you ask a question matters as much as what you ask. Our approach is thoughtful and provoking. We are incredibly curious and what to know why and how, not just where or when. In today’s highly competitive environment we understand that your company’s success largely depends on the quality of the initial market analysis, effective sales planning and ultimately a successful product launch and thorough follow-up.


We have the business insight, cultural awareness and market intelligence to effectively provide the needed resources for companies entering the North American market to be successful.


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